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Rocket Digital Marketing Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions: Last updated 04/30/2023

You are entering into an agreement / contract between you (the Client) and Rocket Digital Marketing, LLC. (the company) for the purposes of receiving website design, Local SEO, City Pages, or other online marketing and search engine optimization services for your business.


Rocket Digital Marketing provides SEO and Local SEO related services to local businesses, small and medium size businesses, and large enterprise corporations. Rocket Digital Marketing’s objectives with our SEO and Local SEO services is to increase our client’s presence, rankings, website traffic, and overall productivity for their business as a result of their increased presence in Google, Bing, Yahoo, & other related search engine platforms.

You (the Client) agrees that Rocket Digital Marketing does not own, nor have access or otherwise inside information on the actual algorithms that determine the outcome of any rankings or placement within search engines. You (the Client) agree to not hold Rocket Digital Marketing responsible for any outcome within your search engine rankings beyond the agreed upon scope of work. You (the Client) recognize that Rocket Digital Marketing is acting as a consultant to you (the Client) to exercise our working knowledge of SEO and best practices that can, in most cases, influence rankings and presence in search.


Rocket Digital Marketing provides City Pages for clients to help you (the Client) increase your presence and rankings in search engines within the targeted markets that you (the Client) specify to Rocket Digital Marketing.


If you (the Client) are engaging Rocket Digital Marketing for the purposes of website design, website redesign, and any / all website design services, you are agreeing to Rocket Digital Marketing’s scope of work and terms of service agreed up on between you (the Client) and Rocket Digital Marketing.

Each website design, website redesign, and any all services relating to website design are agreed up, discussed, and adhered to on a case by case basis depending on the exact needs of the client and your business.

The terms and payments of the website design, website redesign, and all website design services are discussed and agreed upon prior to you (the Client) engaging Rocket Digital Marketing for website design services.

The following is an overview of a typical website design, website redesign project, but IS NOT necessarily exactly the process that you (the Client) may experience based on your unique situation and needs at the time of engaging Rocket Digital Marketing for their website design services.

Rocket Digital Marketing will schedule an initial design consultation with you, the Client, where we’ll solidify the website design goals, objectives, and aesthetics. Once the initial consultation is complete, Rocket Digital Marketing will build out what we call “Version 1.0” of your new website and provide you with a link to review the design. Here you’ll be able to provide feedback and design edit requests. Based on the feedback and edit requests, Rocket Digital Marketing will implement those changes and provide you with a link to what we call “Version 2.0” of your new website design. At this point, you – the client – can request up to 2 additional rounds of edits and change requests to Version 2.0 of your website. Each additional edit request behind the 2 allocated for “Version 2.0” will result in a $25 fee per change request. Upon the approval to “Version 2.0” of your website, Rocket Digital Marketing will provide you with a Consent To Go Live form, which you will agree to and submit. And once Rocket Digital Marketing receives the Consent To Go Live form submission, we will then bring your new website live.


Rocket Digital Marketing takes payments for website design, website redesign, and all website design services based on the unique project and scope of work for you (the Client’s) business needs. Some website design, website redesign, and all website design services may be paid up front in full, whereas other scopes of work for website design, website redesign, and all website design services may be paid in increments such as “half up front / half paid upon the new website design, website redesign, and all website design services are completed”.

The exact payment terms will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the acceptance of these terms and services stated herein.

Upon accepting these terms and services, you are agreeing to pay Rocket Digital Marketing the agreed-upon amount for your website design, website redesign, and all website design services.


Rocket Digital Marketing provides various terms and contract lengths, depending on the exact service a client signs up for. Annual options exist for items such as SEO and Local SEO, and the annual options may include an incentive (ex: 2 months free) as an option for encouraging the 1 year/annual agreement. For any annual agreements/engagements, the contract is for a 1-year period which will renew after the 1 year/12-month period.

For other non-annual options, there are no long-term contracts. This means you can cancel at any time by providing at least 30 days prior notice. Upon receiving your cancellation notice, Rocket Digital Marketing will cease all optimization efforts on your campaign and will remove your business from all of our partner publisher sites. Upon canceling Rocket Digital Marketing will no longer access any of your web properties to include your Google My Business listing and your website.

Inactive Web Projects

Website projects have a typical 12-week life span from beginning to end. Some projects may have expedited timeframe or extended time frames based upon the size of the project. Clients are expected to stay active with their projects by staying in contact with the developer by answering all correspondence and providing requested assets, content, login credentials, and any other items needed to complete the project in the designated time frame. Rocket Digital Marketing developers and account executives will make every effort to remind clients who the content and items needed. However, failure to remain in contact or provide requested content for more than 3 months will be moved to an “Inactive Status” and Rocket Digital Marketing will consider the project complete and contract fulfilled.

To move a project out of “Inactive Status” and back to active status a new scope of work will be required to be signed which may include but is not limited to an hourly rate of $80/hr for time to finish your project and in some cases, a new deposit or cost may be required to move the project back to active status.


You (the Client) agree to make payment to Rocket Digital Marketing via a credit card, and you also agree to save your credit card information upon making your initial setup fee payment.

Upon signing up and selecting your products or services that Rocket Digital Marketing will be rendering, Rocket Digital Marketing will either take your credit card information over the phone and process your applicable payment, or you (the Client) will receive an invoice from Rocket Digital Marketing via email that you can then proceed to process with your credit card. You (the Client) agree to save your card information on file via Rocket Digital Marketing’s payment provider, which is Square, Inc.

You agree that many of Rocket Digital Marketing’s services are subscription-based services and payments will be taken at regular intervals for the services provided. For monthly retainer-based services, the payments will be automatically charged to the credit card on file every 30 days. For annual subscription-based services and options, your payments will be automatically charged via your card number on

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